Thursday, 27 December 2007

Eastenders Hottie: Rob Kazinsky


Anonymous said...

i think rob is sexy and has a great smile. even though im older than him he looks well dresssed and has lovely eyes.i wouldnt mind meeting him,i think we would get on even if he was just a friend to me,but im not a celebrity,and im not rich so he may not be bothered,who knows,but i like making people laugh,and havin fun,maybe one day i will get to meet you rob.take care.

Anonymous said...

rob i think your so sexy,i love your smile,when i saw you on eastenders i thought you look single at the moment,i have not found my soulmate yet.i had a dream about you rob last week and it felt so real,i wish it was,i would love to meet you,even be your friend,your eyes say it all,you look sad at times and you seem shy too, im a shy person aswell,but i can make you happy love.j